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Alastair Gray practices and consults in Gold Coast Australia.

Clinic and Telephone Consultations

I see patients every 2-4 weeks depending on the severity of their complaint. If you, or your child falls ill between visits and needs a separate consultation I offer a telephone service or skype for which I charge according to the time needed. Because I am a homeopathic consultant it is essential that you have a current primary care physician for diagnosis and your health care needs.

The phone is answered between 4pm - 8pm Mon to Fri, and Sat 9-1pm. If you would like to discuss any aspect of homeopathic care please call me - all messages left on my answering machine will be dealt with promptly.

Web, Skype and Online Consultations

It is possible to get quality homeopathic health care online in some instances. For busy people, for those unable to make it to the clinic, for those with out the ability to leave the home or office or for those not in the vicinity of a reliable homeopath, complete the detailed consultation questionnaire. Payment may be made online by paypal. Once you submit the questionnaire Alastair Gray will email with further questions and suggestions.


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